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Hi, my name is 

Lisa Doucette

I'm so glad you're here.

I’m very excited to share this book with you and come alongside you with real encouragement from the power of God’s Word. My message to you through A Fierce Love is that God is for you! He is your greatest encourager and advocate! As moms we all face challenges and sometimes doubts about our ability to be a good mom. Parenting isn’t for the weak of heart! It’s the most rewarding and demanding job all at the same time. But take heart because God has created you and me for this work with our children, and He will empower us to do it well. So find yourself a quiet spot for just a few minutes and let God speak His love and guidance into your heart to help you thrive!


About Lisa

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Author. Speaker. Mom.

Lisa Doucette is an author and speaker passionate about mentoring and encouraging moms to step confidently into the role of motherhood.


Lisa is also the president of Doucette Public Relations and Communications and has many years of experience writing for parenting programs. 


A Fierce Love

A Fierce Love helps moms to not only rest in their role as mom but to thrive in this God-given journey. Lisa writes with a transparent humility that helps moms connect with her story and encourages them to look honestly at themselves and their needs. She emphasizes accepting imperfection, listening first to God's direction through His Word, and both giving and receiving help and support from other moms. Perhaps most significant, she connects the fierce "mama bear" love mothers have for their young with the strong, protective, and nurturing love God has for His children.

Praises for A Fierce Love

God’s Word plus Lisa’s expressions of grace, truth, and love resonate with moms’ hearts, making A Fierce Love a valuable resource. Readers will be inspired in their relationship with God and encouraged in their motherhood journey.

Emily Wickham, Writer for Lifeway’s Journey Magazine, Author, & Podcaster

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